Animal Express

Animal Express (Anex) adalah suatu perusahaan yang memberikan pelayanan jasa transportasi untuk hewan kesayangan anda kemana saja keseluruh dunia. Tim kami sangat berpengalaman dalam menangani segala sesuatu yang dibutuhkan untuk perjalanan hewan kesayangan anda baik di dalam negeri maupun ke luar negeri, termasuk pengurusan dokumen-dokumen yang diperlukan. Tim kami telah berpengalaman selama belasan tahun dalam bidang ini.

Misi kami adalah untuk mentransformasi industry transportasi hewan peliharaan, terutama di Indonesia. Menuju suatu yang lebih baik dengan lebih memperhatikan keadaan, kenyamanan, dan kesehatan hewan kesayangan selama perjalanan tanpa mengesampingkan efisiensi waktu.

Target market kami adalah para pemilik hewan peliharaan yang ingin melakukan pengiriman hewan kesayangannya baik di wilayah domestic maupun internasional.


- Great Service
Kami melayani pengiriman hewan kesayangan anda mulai dari penjemputan dari tempat anda sampai ke pelabuhan/stasiun/airport atau penjemputan hewan kesayangan anda dari pelabuhan/stasiun/airport, proses administrasi, keperluan dokumen-dokumen, karantina hingga hewan kesayangan anda tiba di rumah anda.
Dan didukung dengan pengalaman kami selama belasan tahun di bidang ini maka kami dapat menjamin suatu pelayanan yang cepat, efisien dan dengan biaya terendah.

- Great Price

Kami dapat memberikan harga yang sangat kompetitif.

Our Service

- Pelayanan penjemputan dan pengantaran hewan kesayangan
- Pengurusan dokumen-dokumen dan administrasi di bandara/stasiun/pelabuhan.
- Menyediakan sarana/kandang untuk pengiriman
- Menyediakan layanan dokter hewan
- Menyediakan layanan penitipan hewan
- Menyediakan layanan Grooming
- Pengiriman hewan antar pulau/domestic melalui jalur darat

“Kepuasan anda ,tanggung jawab kami “

NOTE !! ONLY TO and FROM Jakarta!!

Jangan Ragu untuk menghubungi kami!

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut hubungi :
Themmy -0818678033
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DECEMBER 2014 - Closing the year with unbelieveable winning... another BEST IN SHOW for my "Dan" at Semarang dogshow

NOVEMBER 2014 - update our puppies pics ! Check it out ... Find your right one with US



AGAIN here and there this year with our DAN ... with 2nd in GROUP 2 on JAKARTA Dogshow 2014

Dan Jakarta

AUGUST 2014- One more baby female looking for permanet home "Jemimma" and 3 Adults Sharpei open for adoption*PIC and info available soon... ! and last but not least.. having our 2-8 months puppy open for permanent pet home... "Hatari&Harmony"

JULY 2014 - We have our litters coming up to the show ring and pet home as well! Keep it update..

MAY 2014 - Another Shot from Our "DAN " at Jateng Show as BOG 1st ... keep it up boy

MARET 2014 - OUR "DAN" Visiting PALEMBANG and MEDAN Show ! Best in show in Palembang and 2nd BIS in Medan..

FEBRUARY 2014- Update on our babies and puppies! Check it out..

FEBRUARY 2014 - In the mid of SBY mess, show still go on! and with full support from my beloved friend, Ko Chris and my forever group opponent, Kevin.C , Our "DAN" crawl up again in the line of Best in Show 3rd and Best young in show.. Let's him shine his way with all people who love to take him around and support him ( photo-coming soon)

JANUARY 2014 - 1st show of the year JAKARTA dogshow at ecopark , ancol .. My baby "DAN" grown well and crawl up to the top RANK! We are making HISTORY!!

With - BEST in Show 3rd - Thank you to our Canadian Judge, Lisa myers Dan's mom and our extraordinary trainer and handle, Mr.Dedy Tjahjono

DEC 2013 CLOSING our 2013 with colorful days with our puppies. Building up generation of my star ^_^ . Photo updated!

NOV 2013 - JAKARTA DOGSHOW , Our Local Sweetheart finished His Championship at the same time get his 1st CACIB... Wonderful journey and experience with my very first recognized breeding quality..

OCT 2013 - Our beautiful Liaison with Lisa myers, "DAN" rocks Semarang City .. Presenting Group 2 in best in show line and got his BEST YOUNG IN SHOW

SEPT 2013 - BABIES are ready for new home ! 3 beautiful babies looking for new home ... a new generation of star ! Repeat breeding of HOS Belix ^-^

SEPT2013- AFTER LONG holiday of our national holiday ! We back on track  on SURABAYA dogshow 2013...Our local bred HOS "BELIX" winning his 1st Junior in group and presenting GROUP 2 in BIS line ! What a blessed in the house!


MEI 2013- OUR TEAM on Jakarta show...

April 19- 3 babies has born from Akira's Rosie and My HOS Urbano- 1 Male and 2 female

April 2013- BANDUNG DOGSHOW 2013, Asia's Dangerous Liaison at HOS, Have enough credit to be Ina.Champ ^-^ another major CC at 15 months, BOG 3rd

April 2013 - Fly far to the Sumatra Island, Pekanbaru city .. Bringin Asia's Dangerous liaison at HOS as Best puppy in show and 2nd+ 3rd Best in show...

Maret 2013 - SURABAYA DOGSHOW -NATIONAL .. Our Asia's I'm Mineaux get her CACIB and 3rd in Group 2nd...

February 2013-  JOGJA Dogshow! It was amazing achievement ..Best BABY in SHOW for Asia's dangerous liaison at HOS .. Thank you for Lisa Myers for trusting me such amazing boy !

AT Jogja Dogshow - My GentleBoy .. HOS Belix winning BOB umum/lokal & 3rd in Group 2..

January 2013-  Opening our Year ! at MAGELANG dogshow.. Proud of my boy doing ! Thank you for Karina Santas and Mr. Bret Thompson

Best Puppy Grup 2 and Best of Group 2.. So Happy ! Keep on shining my boy...

October 2012 - Our Puppies are now ready for their new home ! Check out our newest puppies photo update..!

September 2012 - My Puppies are growing well.. Just done our photo shot session ^-^..Thanks for Tino Frappucino & Jesslyn Jovita

July 2012 - 2 litter coming to our house on 29 June'12 and 6 July ( Out from our Best vs Fanta + Best vs Kaili )



June 2012- Our mineaux performing herself in Kalpori CUP

Mei 2012 - After long break due to blood parasite problem.. "BEST" come back to ROCK on Bandung Show...Placing in 2nd in Group 2

April 2012 - Mineaux coming back to the ring.... Get Her 1st CACIB and Reserve in Group 2 .. twice =)

December 2011 - Our Asia's I'm Mineaux Houston winning her 1st Best Puppy in Group

October 2011- Our Best completed his CACIB championship @ Jogja.. with RBOG and 4th In group 2...

September 2011- Asia's I'm Mineaux Houston joining her 1st show in Jakarta, winning BOB and RBOG .. wonderful achievement for puppy ^_^

July 2011- Picked up my Mineaux ... Meet up Lisa Myers.. Finally.... After all the long waiting....

July 2011- Again.. Our "Best" winning his 3rd CACIB this year , another one to go! 3rd in group 2 for 09 July 2011, and 2nd in Group 2 for 10 July 2011..Thanks to Mr Dedy beloved mentor..

Thanks to Ms. Natasya for presenting my new boy in his baby class.. He's first timer !!

May 2011 - Our First Litter from "BEST" following her father success winning Best Baby in Show on 28 May 2011, Thanks to Mr.Kadowaki ( Japan).Owner : Mr.Hartanto S

Samantha BBIS

Our "Best" repeat his success by Winning another CACIB and 3rd in Group.. at Surabaya DS 07-08 MAY 2011. Handle by Mr.Dedy Tjahjono

Best Surabaya

April 2011 - CHECK our "Available" we have puppies looking for good home =)

February 2011- CHECK OUT our "litter" now.. we got show potential puppies for sale !

Our "Best" Win his First CACIB ^-^ and 3rd in Group! Unbelieveable moment..

Best on podium

Januari 2011 - Our "Best" Win his BOB  and Finish His Indonesian Champion

December 2010 - Introducing our new Import From Chernyi Chizh, Moscow..Ultimate best!!

Ultimate Best

Our Omellete joined his first show .. got very promising result !! Goodluck Boy!!

HouseOfSharpei Omellete

October 2010 - Our NURSERY introducing !! Litter "Q" Quando,Quban, Qory, and Quary !

September 2010 - READY FOR NEW HOME ! " LITTER P" Paul, Picasso, Patty and Paula !

Litter P

August 2010 - Our Litter "O" Looking for a good Home !! Color Puppies ! Chocolate , Black and Isabella color !

July 2010 - Check out our puppies available this year ! We are back into track.. =)

Miu Litter

2010 - We are expanding to Bangkok , Thailand =). Our new place almost finish!

Waiting for our new bitch from Chernyi Chizh, Russia .. Paris !


We are joining KMPI competition on January 2010 at PRJ , Jakarta.

Our Result on 5-6 December 2009 competition at Iron Man Hall , Daan Mogot!!

BOB Asias I'm Going To Graceland ^-^ Thankz to Lisa Myers!

Asias I'm Going to Graceland